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I want to bring up a js alert box on button click. The code i have is

 String jscript = @"<script language = 'javascript'> alert('This is my title');</script>";
 ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(GetType(), "_jscript", jscript);

it works fine, but I want to have some more js popups later for some validation, where I assume I have to write the same code, but unfortunately it does not load rest of the popups on the same page.

Is this to do with update panels?

The control I am validating is

if (dp_menu.SelectedIndex > 0)
   //continue program
  //show popup
  //this pop p doesn't show up at all?
  String jscript = @"<script language = 'javascript'> alert('Another popup');</script>";
  ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(GetType(), "_jscript", jscript);

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you can use jQuery, var i=$("select[ID='CLIENT_ID_OF_DROPDOWN'] option:selected").index() alert(i); – Arshad Jan 2 '13 at 13:13

Take a look at the specification for RegisterStartupScript, specifically the Remarks section:

A client script is uniquely identified by its key and its type. Scripts with the same key and type are considered duplicates. Only one script with a given type and key pair can be registered with the page. Attempting to register a script that is already registered does not create a duplicate of the script.

If you're passing in the same type via GetType() and the same key, "_jscript", every time, then only the first call will result in any <script> being rendered. This is by design.

Poor Fix: Replace your unchanging key "_jscript" with a different key for each validation you perform, e.g. "_valNameIsBlank", "_valNoItemSpecified".

Better Fix: Avoid annoying your users with multiple validation popups by:

  • Compiling a List<string> of all your validation failures
  • After all your checks, see if you have any items in the list
  • If so, concatenate them into a single validation failure message and display that in a single alert.
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i would give you some thing more effective,
costume control

  1. create new class library (Library_name)

add this class to library

using System.Text;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.ComponentModel;

namespace ClientSide
    ToolboxData("<{0}:MessageBox runat=server>" 
        + "</{0}:MessageBox>")]
    public class MessageBox : System.Web.UI.Control 
        private string text="";
        public string Text
            get {return text;}
            set {text = value;}

        protected override void Render(HtmlTextWriter output)
            if (text.Length>0)
                StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
                sb.Append("<script language='javascript'>");

to use it you have to register the control in the top of aspx page

<%@ Register TagPrefix="cc1" Namespace="ClientSide" Assembly="Library_Name" %>

3- then you can use it like this way in the aspx page

<cc1:MessageBox id="MessageBox1" runat="server" Text="popup Message"></cc1:MessageBox>
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In RegisterStartupScript Keyvalues should be different for each script

Try different KeyValues instead of using "_jscript" in all script.

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