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I am using the following two functions in JavaScript to open two different windows:

function A(int a) {
    var url = "/someAction.do?operation=getDetailsA&id="+a;

function B(int a) {
    var url = "/someAction.do?operation=updateDetailsA&id="+a;

The function A displays the results in a new window and the function B enables to update the values in a new window. When i first click on the link to update, it works fine. When I click on the link to display the details, it works fine as well.
But the problem is after clicking on the display link, if I click to update, only a blank screen showed up. If I first click the update, it works fine, but after clicking the function A (get details), function B (update details) does not work.

Hopefully I am able to describe my problem, I tried using window.location.href, but not helpful, any suggestions, would really appreciate?

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You are having different names for the windows formA and formB may be that is causing the blank screen. Have a same window name and it should work fine.

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Thanks DDK, I also tried using the same window names for formA and formB, but didnot work for me. –  Biswajit das Jan 2 '13 at 17:12

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