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I am new for iOS RestKit framework. I have read the document and still can not figure out the differences between "attribute" and "property" in RestKit.

Since in the document, there are

- addPropertyMappingsFromArray:


– addAttributeMappingsFromArray:

I know that while assigning relationship, I should use the first one. However, I still cannot truly understand the differences.

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I agree. I appreciate @kurige for his explanation. Please mark his answer accepted. –  Drinian Dec 28 '13 at 19:26

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I just ran into this myself. The naming could definitely be clearer.

- addAttributeMappingsFromArray: refers to what you would expect: mappings of class attributes. - addPropertyMappingsFromArray: on the other hand refers to RKPropertyMapping objects.

If you take a look at the RestKit source you'll see that all the 'addAttributeMappings' methods are a handy abstraction on top of the 'addPropertyMappings' methods, and take care of constructing the required RKPropertyMapping objects for you.

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