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I have problems with importing the data into MySQL database. I've 2 files (5 gb each one) to be imported to MySQL database.

When I code LOAD DATA INFILE 'C:/user/user/desktop/' INTO airac01 FIELDS TERMINATED BY ' ' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'; I have the following error:

Multi-statement transaction required more than 'max_binlog_cache_size' bytes of storage; increase this mysql variable and try again.

I tried to find it in my.ini file to increase but I did not find it. Do any one know what to do in such situation? is there is a way to split the load file or to increase the max_binlog_cache_size variable?

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Also, you have to change it for both the client and the daemon mysqld server. Change the my.cnf or my.ini file under the [mysqld] section and set max_binlog_cache_size=10000M or you could run these commands in a MySQL console connected to that same server:

set global net_buffer_length=10000000000; 
set global max_binlog_cache_size=10000000000;

Use a very large value for the packet size, because they are in bytes and then restart your MySQL server.

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