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i make a form and i want to validate before jump to the next step this is an important example that i want to try to do. In this example if the email is not valid the step dont work

so i try to put this on my form but is not working

this is the jade file


    form(name='myForm',id="alquiler_departamento_formulario", onselectstart="return false", ondragstart="return false",action='/publicar',method='post',enctype="multipart/form-data")
        input(type='hidden',name='tipo-operacion',value='Alquiler' ,tipo-operacion)
        input(type='hidden',name='categoria',value='Departamento' ,categoria)

            li(ng-repeat='step in steps', ng-class='{active: $index==getCurrentStepIndex()}')
                a(href='javascript:void(0)', ng-click='goToStep($index)') {{step}}

        #seleccion(ng-switch on="selection")
            #paso_uno(ng-switch-when="Step 1: Team Info")
                    legend Titulo de la Publicacion
                            input.input-block-level(type='text',placeholder="Ingrese un titulo para la publicacion",id='titulo_publicacion',name='titulo_publicacion',class='caja_texto')
                        tt *- Coloque el titulo de la publicacion que aparecera en la cabecera de la misma.


                    legend Ubicacion
                            label.control-label(for='select_provincias') Provincia
                                    option(value='') -Seleccione Provincia-
                                    option(value="5") Cordoba
                            label.control-label(for='select_ciudades') Localidad
                                    option(value='') -Seleccione Localidad-
                                    option(value='0') -Otra Localidad-
                            label.control-label(for='select_barrios') Barrio
                                    option(value='') -Seleccione Barrio-
                                    option(value='0') -Otro Barrio-
                        include ../../../partials/gmaps/gmaps_publicacion   
                            label.control-label(for='direccion') Calle
                                input(type='text',placeholder="Calle o Direccion exacta",class='direccion',id='direccion',name='calle')
                            label.control-label(for='numero') Altura
                                input(type='text',placeholder="Altura de Calle",class='numero',id='numero',name='numero')
                    legend Departamento
                        label.control-label(for='piso') Piso
                            input.input-small(type='text',name='piso',class='piso',id='piso',placeholder='1-99 o A-Z')
                        label.control-label(for='departamento') Departamento
                            input.input-small(type='text',name='departamento',class='departamento',id='departamento',placeholder='1-99 o A-Z')
                        label.control-label(for='disponibilidad') Disponibilidad
                                option(value="Inmediata") Inmediata
                                option(value='') A partir de

            #paso_dos(ng-switch-when="Step 2: Campaign Info")
                h2 hola paso dos

            #paso_tres(ng-switch-when="Step 3: Campaign Media")
                h2 hola paso tres

            li(ng-class='{disabled: !hasPreviousStep()}')
                a(href='javascript:void(0);', ng-click='decrementStep()') ← Previous Step
            li(ng-class='{disabled: myForm.$invalid}')
                a(href='javascript:void(0);', ng-click='incrementStep(myForm)') Next Step →
            button.btn.btn-success(style='margin: 20px 0;') Confirm and Register


and this is the js including the angular configuration

// Declare app level module which depends on filters, and services
var app = angular.module('myApp', []);

app.directive('tituloPublicacion', function() {
        return {
            require: 'ngModel',
            restrict: 'A',
            link: function(scope, elm, attrs, ctrl) {
                ctrl.$parsers.unshift(function(viewValue) {
                    if(viewValue && viewValue.match(/[a-z0-9\-_]+@[a-z0-9\-_]+\.[a-z0-9\-_]{2,}/)) {
                        // it is valid
                        ctrl.$setValidity('titulo_publicacion', true);
                        return viewValue;
                    } else {
                        // it is invalid, return undefined (no model update)
                        ctrl.$setValidity('titulo_publicacion', false);
                        return undefined;

function RegisterCtrl($scope, $location) {

  $scope.steps = [
    'Step 1: Team Info',
    'Step 2: Campaign Info',
    'Step 3: Campaign Media'
  $scope.selection = $scope.steps[0];

  $scope.getCurrentStepIndex = function(){
    // Get the index of the current step given selection
    return _.indexOf($scope.steps, $scope.selection);

  // Go to a defined step index
  $scope.goToStep = function(index) {
    if ( !_.isUndefined($scope.steps[index]) )
      $scope.selection = $scope.steps[index];

  $scope.hasNextStep = function(){
    var stepIndex = $scope.getCurrentStepIndex();
    var nextStep = stepIndex + 1;
    // Return true if there is a next step, false if not
    return !_.isUndefined($scope.steps[nextStep]);

  $scope.hasPreviousStep = function(){
    var stepIndex = $scope.getCurrentStepIndex();
    var previousStep = stepIndex - 1;
    // Return true if there is a next step, false if not
    return !_.isUndefined($scope.steps[previousStep]);

  $scope.incrementStep = function(form) {
    if (form.$invalid) return;

    if ( $scope.hasNextStep() )
      var stepIndex = $scope.getCurrentStepIndex();
      var nextStep = stepIndex + 1;
      $scope.selection = $scope.steps[nextStep];

  $scope.decrementStep = function() {
    if ( $scope.hasPreviousStep() )
      var stepIndex = $scope.getCurrentStepIndex();
      var previousStep = stepIndex - 1;
      $scope.selection = $scope.steps[previousStep];

why is not working the titulo_publicacion validate??? tnx!


this is the result of the form image the tabs dont work

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1 Answer 1

Register your directive as tituloPublicacion, not titulo_publicacion. In your html/jade, use titulo-publicacion.

You need to add it to your input field too:

input(type='hidden',name='tipo_operacion',value='Alquiler', tipo-operacion)

In your directive use restrict: 'A'.

I didn't see it in your snippet, but you need to let angular bootstrap itself:


You are not injecting services correctly. Try to use the non-minified angular version for now.

You have to create controllers like:

app.controller('RegisterCtrl', ['$scope', 'location', function($scope, $location) {
  $scope.steps = [
   'Step 1: Team Info',
   'Step 2: Campaign Info',
   'Step 3: Campaign Media'
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i still havin problems but tnx –  andrescabana86 Jan 2 '13 at 15:46
Did you use html(ng-app='myApp') on your index.jade? –  asgoth Jan 2 '13 at 15:54
adding that i get Uncaught Error: No module: myApp –  andrescabana86 Jan 2 '13 at 16:25
One other thing: use the non-minified angular.js file for now. Full explanation - see my answer. –  asgoth Jan 2 '13 at 16:33

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