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In the HTML output doxygen generates, the parameters of a method are put on extra lines if there is more than one parameter so it looks like this:


void function0 ()
void function1 (int para1)
void function2 (int para1, int para2)
void function3 (int para1, int para2, int para3)

Function Documentation

void function0 ( )

void function1 ( int para1 )

void function2 ( int para1,
                 int para2 

void function3 ( int para1,
                 int para2,
                 int para3 

Is it possible to do a configure/CSS/whatever so that the documentation part looks like the function list?

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Did you ever figure this out, or does anyone else have the answer? – Tim Beaudet Apr 26 '15 at 5:02
@TimBeaudet Just added a pretty simple solution – Dennis Jan 4 at 18:20

I've just managed to do this fairly simply on Doxygen 1.8.10. The solution is to create a new CSS file (e.g inline_params.css) and include the following very short snippet:

table.memname tr {
    float: left;

Place this somewhere logical (beside your project's Doxyfile) and under the Expert table of the Doxywizard you should select "HTML" and find the HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET setting. Browse to your css, add it to the list and save your settings. When you run Doxygen your output should be like this:

enter image description here

EDIT: BTW, I've a wee little github project which includes this CSS file, so you can grab it there if you really want!

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