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How do I concat a String on the result of a method expression? The below doesnt work.

<h:commandButton action="/product.xhtml?product=#{productBean.product} ">  </h:commandButton>
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That is indeed not a valid method expression. If you intend to invoke some business action, you need to include /product.xhtml?product= in the return value.

<h:commandButton value="View" action="#{productBean.view}" />


public String view() {
    // ...

    return "/product.xhtml?faces-redirect=true&product=" + product;

(the faces-redirect=true will make it a redirect which is most likely what you're trying to accomplish here)

Or, if you don't need to invoke a business action at all, use <h:button> instead.

<h:button value="View" outcome="/product.xhtml?product=#{productBean.product}" />

Or if it's a non-numeric string which thus needs to be URLEncoded, nest it as <f:param>

<h:button value="View" outcome="/product.xhtml">
    <f:param name="product" value="#{productBean.product}" />

See also:

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