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I want to set an alias for the command:

expect -c 'spawn ssh usr@ip -p 57022 ; expect password ; send "pass\n" ; interact'

but quotes from alias alias_name="" and from command doesn't like each other.

I tried combinations with ', " and `, but all of these failed. How can I do that?

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A simple solution is to create a function, instead of an alias:

function function_name() {

    expect -c 'spawn ssh usr@ip -p 57022 ; \
        expect password ; send "pass\n" ; interact'


So you can call function_name, and it will work just as fine as with an alias.

If you still want to use an alias, just escape the inner "'s:

alias alias_name="expect -c 'spawn ssh usr@ip -p 57022 ; expect password ; send \"pass\n\" ; interact'"

and it should work.

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great, function works fine! quotes escaping failed (bash: !Ak\n\": event not found) thank you very much :) – voy Jan 2 '13 at 14:22

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