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looking for a bit of basic info here -

I want to create a small quiz (10 questions or so), which have four possible answers for each. Rather than have a right or wrong answer I would like to have points awarded for each answer and a total score added up at the end of the quiz. Technically because there are no right or wrong answers it's not really a quiz...I'll basically be asking for a persons preference in a series of questions.

I'd very much appreciate anyone that could help me by telling me where I can start off in this, am I best using sqlite to store the answers and then get a result based on this?

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I would use sqlite for storing questions and answers, and depending on your projects requirements you can store your result also in an sqlite table or a .plist or just simple display the result and do not store any result related data.

You can use FMDB tutorial to create sqlite database on IOS, I would create a table called Questions with q_id, questions(varchar), question kind (varchar) fields .

And create anAnswersTable with a_id, q_id(foreign Key) ,answer(varchar) ,point fields. Here is foreign key tutorial if you are not familiar with foreign keys.

Once your questions and answers are ready just use a simple tableview to display your question and answers.

To display your results, you have multiple options depending on your requirements, you can simply display your result in a label. If you just want to display result use a Singleton integer to keep your point results, then when you are done with quiz just call that Singleton integer and display it.

If you want to store your results either just create another table in database or create a .plist

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While SQLite is a great solution for a large number of items, for something as simple as 10 questions, I wouldn't recommend that or even a plist. I would simply go with a static array (of dictionaries) defined in a single header file. Past that, however, the plist option is best for range of 10-100 questions, and past that, CoreData or sqlite will serve you much better than any array will ever do. –  Richard J. Ross III Jan 2 '13 at 15:11
you are right simplicity is good, but he may expend the project to 1000+ questions :) or in future he might want to analyze results, he may want to separate question depending on question kind or he may want data mine all results etc.. –  Ugenlik Jan 2 '13 at 15:19

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