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I installed the bundler package for emacs and it works fine if emacs is invoked form zsh (terminal).

But when emacs is invoked via some other means, for example (Alt+F2) or the Application menu,

M-x bundle-install gives the following error:

"zsh:1: command not found: bundle"

I believe emacs fails to load some environment variables in the latter case.

system details:

Debian (unstable amb64)

rvm 1.17.6

zsh 4.3.17

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You could also invoke the shell with the --login switch – Slomojo Jan 3 '13 at 6:01
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Got the solution. rvm package is what I needed

M-x package-install rvm
M-x rvm-use-default
M-x bundle-install

Works like a charm :) Edit:

Adding the following to init.el make life more easy

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Just a note on this. I had similar issues with rvm too and it seems that it depends on bash or zsh to load properly. The rvm script in /etc/profile.d does explicitly check for a "proper" shell and if it is called with dash or sh it will just not work. Hence bundle for example will also no be available as alt-f2 for example uses sh to load a program

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