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I have a page rendering a list of Ideas. Each item has a Claim button next to it. What should happen is that the user click the Claim button, Idea#claim controller action runs, and the Claim button goes dim.

What actually happens is... nothing. Not even a Rails error page, which is why I'm stuck. Relevant snippets follow:


  resources :ideas do 
    collection do
      post 'claim'


  def claim
    @idea = Idea.find(params[:idea_id])
    respond_to do |format|
      format.js   { render :nothing => true } 

_idea.html.erb partial

<span class="idea-actions" id=<%="idea"+idea.id.to_s%>>
    <%= link_to "Claim", {method: "post", action: "claim", idea_id: idea.id}, {class: 'claim', remote: true}  %>


$ ->
  $('.claim').bind 'ajax:success', ->
    alert 'Ajax success!'

This is absolutely my first time trying to do something like this, and my CoffeeScript/JS is virtually nonexistent. Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Edit 1: Moved code from application.js to ideas.js.coffee, switched form using button_to to link_to. Changes shown in code above. Right now, when I click the link, absolutely nothing happens. Still no joy! :\

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Try to move remote: true to html_options part of button_to

<%= button_to "Claim", {action: "claim", idea_id: idea.id}, {remote: true, class: 'btn btn-small claim'}  %> 


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I did that (and changed to link_to, and made a few other changes) but it still doesn't work. Can you look at the code changes above and see if you have any other insights? Thank you! –  ezuk Jan 2 '13 at 15:42
Ah! I had to move the POST action to the HTML options as well! I think I'm on the right track now! –  ezuk Jan 2 '13 at 15:45

Modified the button_to to be cleaner:

<%= button_to "Claim", claim_ideas_path(id: idea.id, format: 'js'),  remote: true  %>

That should do it..

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