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I'm trying to use this script that will redirect any webpage to another webpage with a query including the previous webpage's URL.

The code I'm attempting to use looks as such:

window.location = "http://www.readability.com/m?url=" + document.URL;

It's not working though, for what reason I can't figure out. I'm not to familiar with encoding, so this may be the problem. As this works...

window.location = "http://www.readability.com"

But this does not work

window.location = "http://www.readability.com/"

Furthmore I'm working with a mobile browser, not anything like chrome. So it may just be an issue with that, but it may not be. Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any help.

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You need to escape the URL, otherwise it will be cut on the first & it contains.

window.location = "http://www.readability.com/m?url=" + encodeURIComponent(window.location);

also ignore document.URL and use a more common and interoperable window.location instead.

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Don't use escape, since it will not escape all characters you need.You need to escape it with encodeURIComponent:

window.location = "http://www.readability.com/m?url=" + encodeURIComponent(window.location);
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