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What does

self: #Arakoon_client.client 

in this code means, and how to use such object

class remote_client ((ic,oc) as conn) =

object(self: #Arakoon_client.client)
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In many OO-languages, there is a keyword (this in C++) to refer to the object from within its methods. In OCaml, you can choose the name you want to use to refer to the object, by giving its name after the object keyword (here, they have chosen self).

In OCaml, you can also give a name to the parents from which a class inherits:

class x = object (self)
  inherit x_parent as parent
  method print = parent#print; print_newline()

For example, this can be used to use methods from an ancestor, that have been overridden by a method in the current class: in the previous example, parent#print calls the inherited method, while self#print would call the current method.

Finally, when you define a class x, you can refer the type of objects of this class using the #x notation. Here, #Arakoon_client.client refers to the type of objects of the class client defined in the module Arakoon.

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I am still confused by the meaning of "#Arakoon_client.client" – blackmath Jan 3 '13 at 11:14

In the Arakoon_client module, there is a class type named client. The expression Arakoon_client.client refers to this type. As noted in @FabriceLefessant's answer, self refers to the object itself, and the expression after the colon the type to which the object must conform.

Finally, the # sign in front of the class typename indicates that the type is not closed (thus the "openly constraints" terms used by @Ontologiae) which means that self must support at least that interface, but may also hold other methods.

In other words, this is more or less the equivalent of implements Arakoon_client.client in java.

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It means you have a value self which represents the object (instantiated) itself, and constraints openly by the type #Arakoon_client.client.

'object' must have all the methods of #Arakoon_client.client

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What you mean by #Arakoon_client.client"? Is it like inherited too? – blackmath Jan 3 '13 at 11:13

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