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quick question.

Whenever I make a mistake in the Prolog query (compilation part)

i.e I attempt to run a file but I forget to add a dot at the end"

1 ?- [lecture1]

Whenever I press enter (or type in anything then press enter) I just keep getting these


How the hell do I get out of this and go in to

2 ?-

I'm fairly new at Prolog and this is starting to annoy me a bit (I restart Prolog to get rid of this!).

Thank you.

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add a dot:

?- [lecture1]
|   . 
% lecture1 compiled 0.00 sec, 1 clauses

the idea is that you can write your queries in multiple lines.

You can also press Ctl-D and then a for abort if you want to cancel it completely (you can also do that while it's running)

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Understood, thank you. –  Adz Jan 2 '13 at 16:19

It's just something visual from the toplevel. The input remains as-is when you press enter in the middle of a query, so if you had written [lecture1] and then enter you can just add the missing dot.

In your example, you can just press . and then <enter>, to load the file.

In general, pressing . and then <enter> will either execute the goal or just get a complain by the prolog system and the you are again free to execute any goal...

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