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I have an existing c++ project and an c# project seperately located. Now i need to add this existing c# project to the c++ project in visual studio so when i do a build on c++ project the c# project should also be built. How can i do this in visual studio 2008. And after doing this process what are list of files that will be changed (for example .sln etc etc).

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What you want to do is to add the C# project to an existing solution. In solution explorer, right-click on the solution and choose Add > Existing project. Select the C# project. Now you will have two projects (one C# and one C++) in your solution. When you build the solution, both projects are built.

The file that changes is the *.sln.

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How you can add existing project

Right Click on solution after that you must click on Add button as well as you must click on Existing Item and Select your cs file

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