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In the classic groovy based Play 1.x templating engine, is there a way to define a block of text that can be referenced by the parent template? I know you can use #{set name:value}, but that just set a single string and I really need the ability to create an entire text block. What I'm looking for is something like this in my page:

#{set name:"page_actions" \}
<div class='button-group'>
   <a href='#'>Add Item</a>
   <a href='#'>Show all</a>

Then in my parent template do something like

   #{get page_actions /}
   #{get page_actions /}
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You can use a custom template tag to do that : http://www.playframework.org/documentation/1.2.5/templates#tags

Just put your html in a app/views/tags/myfile.html and call the tag #{myfile /} in your main html file.

You can use variables inside the template tag but you reference them with a _ at the beginning.

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Figured it out. #{set "variable_name"/} works perfectly. You need need to leave off the map (i.e. don't use name:value -- just use "name".

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