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I have the following functions

void DrawAndShowCircle(int windowWidth, int windowHeight,int windowType,Scalar windowBGColor, VirtualCircle circle)

void DrawAndShowCircles(int windowWidth, int windowHeight,int windowType,Scalar windowBGColor, vector<VirtualObject> circles)
        circleImage = Mat(windowHeight,windowWidth,windowType);

        for(vector<VirtualObject>::iterator it = circles.begin(); it != circles.end(); ++it)

What I have as problem is that in DrawAndShowCircles I am stuck at understanding the type casting, at the point where I use a for loop to traverse the objects.

I have base class VirtualObject which is inherited by VirtualCircle

I am trying to traverse a vector and show the circles. This is being done for OpenCV so you will find some OpenCV functions.

Here is the calling code

 vector<VirtualObject> circles;

I am unable to traverse using the for loop. The type-casting is not clear to me. Please advise.

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Use pointers or you'll get object slicing. – chris Jan 2 '13 at 16:40
you mean pointers for the vectors? vector<virtualobjects*> ?? – user349026 Jan 2 '13 at 16:48
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By storing VirtualObject instances (instead of pointers) in your vector, you have caused slicing to occur. This means that your vector does not hold any circles at all.

When you change that, you run into the issue that the conversion from VirtualCircle* to VirtualObject* can be done automatically (because any VirtualCircle instance is also always a VirtualObject instance), but the reverse requires an explicit cast, because the compiler can't be sure that it is always safe to interpret a VirtualObject as a VirtualCircle. The cast you need here is a dynamic_cast.

And even better than dynamic_cast would be to change your design to use virtual functions. They were designed exactly for situations like this.

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