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I would like some kind of warning to be raisen as errors, but only the first occurrence. How to do that?

I read and I dont know how to combine this two types of behaviour.

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Looking at the code to, you can't assign more than one filter action to a warning, and you can't (easily) define your own actions, like 'raise_once'.

However, if you want to raise a warning as an exception, but just once, that means that you are catching the exception. Why not put a line in your except clause that sets an 'ignore' action on that particular warning?


import warnings

for i in range(2):
  except UserWarning, e:
    print "Error caught"
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Is there a way to make warnings mute after few similar warnings? I mean after exact number of same warnings. – L1ker Sep 13 '09 at 15:12
L1ker, See You can e.g. call warnings.filterwarnings("once") somewhere before the warnings are raised. However, there is no way to show the same warning more than once but a fixed number of times, as you ask. – j08lue Feb 26 '14 at 8:31

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