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I'M having a problem with start a new WPF page with use of commands. I tried with use a new WPF window by writing but nothing happens.

I can't see the error? And the program works fine but when the button is pressed, nothing happens


            Command="{Binding Path=OpenCrudCommand, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" 

My OpenCrudCommand.

As you can see, I have tried with a new WPF window, not a WPF page and it didn't work either.

Page 1 is a WPF window form and Page 2 is a WPF page form

    class OpenCrudCommand
        ProductViewModel _avm;

         public OpenCrudCommand(ProductViewModel avm)
            _avm = avm;

        public void Execute(object parameter)
            var hej = new Page2();


I have another question, should i write the code for opening a new page in command or in the viewmodel?

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For more clarity, you're binding to a generic (POCO) class. Typically you must bind to a class that implements the ICommand interface. Do a search for RelayCommand or DelegateCommand to see several implementations. Now once that is done, you will set up a class (typically a ViewModel class) that will serve as the DataContext for your WPF window. Then you will expose a property on your ViewModel that exposes the command (i.e.)

public ICommand MyCommand { get { return this.myCommand; } }

Then your binding will be along the lines of Command="{Binding MyCommand}" (You do not need the UpdateSourceTrigger property).

If this is still confusing, feel free to follow up with additional questions, but I would suggest reading more about the MVVM pattern.

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Thanks Backlash. It works now. – Zaz Jan 2 '13 at 17:31

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