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I'm looking for a gem to use with Rails 3 to extract some basic IPTC metadata from jpeg files (title, caption, ...). I have found ruby-iptc but I have no clue of how to use it having found no documentation or examples. Help anybody?

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I use the gem mini_exiftool as a binding for the seperate commandline tool exiftool.exe It can read and change title and IPTC metadata.

require 'mini_exiftool'

# Reading meta data
photo = 'heroes.jpg'
puts photo.title

# Writing meta data
photo = 'heroes.jpg'
photo.title = 'This is the new title'
photo.rating = 20
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This should do the trick, pretty well documented, not that active but it should suit your needs Exif reader.

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Thanks for the tip. It partly works - I can retrieve all EXIF and some additional meta-data e.g. caption (using the image_description method on the EXIF object you create), but not title. The EXIF object defines an 'iptc' method but this returns nil! Anyway, this will fit my purpose - I will add some internal structure to the caption part and parse it as I read it. – Christer Fernstrom Jan 3 '13 at 9:00

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