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I am trying to use Scala for UDFs, but the Pig job is failing with the error "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/ScalaObject". What am I doing wrong?

$ cat NonEmpty.scala

package nonempty

import org.apache.pig.FilterFunc
import org.apache.pig.data._

class NonEmpty extends FilterFunc {
  def exec(input: Tuple) = {
    val s = input.get(0)
    s match {
    case a: String => !a.isEmpty 
    case _ => false

$ cat ex3.pig

register ./nonempty.jar 
register ./scala-library.jar;

define NonEmpty nonempty.NonEmpty();

raw = load 'excite-small.log' using PigStorage('\t') as (user: chararray, time:chararray, query: chararray);

locations = filter raw by NonEmpty(query);


scalac -cp ~/pig-0.9.2/pig-0.9.2.jar NonEmpty.scala
jar -cf nonempty.jar nonempty

Pig Stack Trace:

2 ---------------
3 ERROR 2998: Unhandled internal error. scala/ScalaObject
5 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/ScalaObject
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ScalaObject is located in the scala-library.jar which needs to be included on the runtime classpath. So add scala-library.jar to the runtime classpath of your command that is running the program.

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