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I'm building with Maven and getting a seemingly innocuous "symbol not found" error - problem is I've verified that the build is correct with all the lower level Java tools I know and it looks airtight. I have built with this command line:

javac -d /home/dan/EmailClient/Initial-Client/target/classes -classpath <many jars>:
/thepath/Common/1.0-SNAPSHOT/Common-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar  /* I need this one */
-sourcepath /thepath/src/main/java: <the files> 
-s /thepath/target/generated-sources/annotations 
-g -nowarn -target 1.7 -source 1.7 -encoding UTF-8

Get this error: error: cannot find symbol
    return Promise.onPool(getterPool).continueWith(new Transformer<Void, Promise<List<Void>>>() {

(with error pointing on onPool)

And have run jar xf Common-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar (cding by copying and pasting the directory in the command line), then

javap Promise.class

which shows

  public static me.unroll.functional.Promise<java.lang.Void> onPool(java.util.concurrent.Executor);

So this looks airtight to me - what debug step am I missing?

Furthermore this builds fine on a separate machine and runs fine from Eclipse with all relevant source files opened, just not from my actual build machine.

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Silly question maybe, but is getterPool of type Executor? If it's not, then it may be complaining since it can't find an onPool that takes whatever argument type matches 'getterPool'. – Chris Kessel Jan 2 '13 at 18:38
@ChrisKessel Yeah, it is - rather than post more source code I just edited to note that Eclipse accepts everything as building fine. – djechlin Jan 2 '13 at 18:39
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I suggest you to inspect the <many jars> section in your classpath, you are likely to find an older version of your Maven-built jar in there, which is winning the classname resolution game.

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I grepped the groupId all of my code uses and found 4 jars. I verified that the only one that contains a Promise class is as expected. – djechlin Jan 2 '13 at 18:50
False; I did that on the wrong machine which was correct, this is the problem. – djechlin Jan 2 '13 at 18:51

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