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I have a scss file, and I compile it into a css file using scss. The scss to css compiler detects the errors in the scss file, but it seems too tolerant. That is, even when I mistype the name of the style attributes, it compiles without an error. Is there a way to make it return an error when there is a style attribute in the scss file that does not exist in css3 or in the imported features? There is also a possibility of writing an invalid value for the styles, but I know that is more complicated, and is not asking for that.

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There is a Ruby wrapper around the W3C CSS Validator so you can write a simple script to check the output css from scss.

I also found this integration with Compass so if you use Compass to compile your scss, it might be helpful. I haven't used this so I'm not sure how it works but I've had a good experience with the W3C CSS Validator.

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