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My team has a requirement that we be able to retrieve a backup of our database (hosted on Google Cloud SQL) and restore that database to a locally hosted instance of MySQL.

I know that Google Cloud SQL has the ability to schedule backups, but these don't appear to be available to download anywhere.

I also know that we are able to "export" our database to Google Cloud Storage, but we'd like to be able to schedule the "export".

The end goal here is to execute the following steps in some sort of an admin script:

  1. Automatically backup our database that is hosted on Google Cloud SQL.
  2. Download the backup to a local (not cloud) server.
  3. Restore backup to a local instance of MySQL.

Any ideas?

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Sorry, but Cloud SQL does not have this functionality currently. We'd like to make this easier in the future. In the meantime, you could use Selenium (or some other UI scripting framework) in combination with a cron job.

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Went ahead and marked this as the answer because, it is. But this seems like a pretty big hole in functionality. –  Tombatron Jan 3 '13 at 3:12

Note that you can now trigger an Export operation using the Cloud SQL REST API.

So your admin script can do that and then download the backup from Cloud Storage (You'll need to wait until the export operation finishes though).

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