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I have what looked to me as a simple operation but cannot find a solution. I need to search through files in a directory with lines containing str1 AND str2. There are several examples of str1|str2 e.g. grep -r "str1|str2" . But nothing for str1 AND str2. Can anyone provide a solution. This should be a common problem.

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You can do something like:

egrep 'str1.*str2|str2.*str1' FILES

with egrep. Or with positive lookahead/behind regexes. Read the manual.

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It is a common problem and here is the common solution:

awk '/str1/&&/str2/' file
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You didn't ask this, but if you want files that contain both str1 and str2 but not on the same line:

grep str2 $(grep -l str1)
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