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I would like export my eclipse project to create a runnable jar file. The problem is, that i am using a native library (*.so file).

How can I export my project with this library? Furthmore, the jar file should be executable in windows and linux.

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Don't think that's possible. Cross-platform runnable JAR file (double-click to start) is easy, even with including all referenced libraries i.e. other JARs (see One-JAR).

However, how do you expect the Unix native lib to be available on Windows? One would need to decompile it first and then cross-compile for Windows. It's a different story of course if you have a DDL for Windows that is equal to the *.so for Unix. Then you simply package both into the JAR with One-JAR.

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Ok, then I gonna try to get the DDL file for my native files aswell. –  Steckdoserich Jan 2 '13 at 20:29

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