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I'm creating a 3d application to represent airspace and I'd like someway of visualising an area of the earth specified by a latitude/longitude box.

so I could then have a 2D or 3d visualisation of that area and use it in my application. I don't mind if it's only a 2d image that can be used as the 'ground' in the visualisation.

I'm fairly new to 3d programming and this sort of thing.

From what I understand I need some sort of GIS, google earth seems ideal or OSSIM but my application is in java and is not a web application so I don't think I can use either?

Are their any alternative libraries that would do something similar in Java(using Jmonkey engine)?

Thanks for any help

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Start looking at NASA WorldWind Java API which is an open-source, high-performance 3D Virtual globe API and SDK.

You can build a Java-based app using the World Wind framework -- it provides the "google-earth"-like map with APIs to draw whatever you want on the map.

You can browse the gallery of sample applications to get can idea of what you can create. http://goworldwind.org/demos/

There is also OpenMap but that only supports 2d.

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I thought the NASA worldWind would be exactly what I was looking for, although it seems to only be a sdk? If it has a standalone library or API it's exactly what I need I think. Thanks for your help. –  drunkmonkey Jan 2 '13 at 20:54
Worldwind has the low-level API but feels more like a SDK. Want a more-low level API - check out geotools.org –  JasonM1 Jan 2 '13 at 21:21

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