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I'd like to write my own macro for creating property like objects in Haxe. This question is not so much about properties but more about writing macros. (probably NME has already a macro for that).

having this class in haxe

class Foo {
    @:property var bar:String;

I like this to be expanded into

class Foo {
    private var bar:String;

    public function setBar(_val:String):void { = _val;

    public function getBar():String {

I read the corresponding docs but honestly I find them very confusing.


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You might want to take a look at how tinkerbell resolves the same issue:

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Hi Franco, I had a look into it - alas its pretty confusing. I had also a look… but it makes so many things that it really doesnt answer the more basic questions I have. for example why do all the tinkerbell classes implement "tink.lang.Cls" or how does the macro system react to "@:xxx"? why does that trigger the macro-system? Also what is the association between "@:prop" and the class PropBuilder. I couldnt find any information to this – robkuz Jan 3 '13 at 11:42

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