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for example i have a class

Class foo {
    key  &KEY;
    element 1 v1;
    element 2 v2;
    element 3 v3;

I want to sort/go through the iterators of the class using Key and also retrieve the Class element from 1-3. what's the best way to do this? Can I used something like

multimap <int, unsigned, string, unsigned>;
multimap < Key, element 1, element 2, element 3> m;

or something like this to achieve the function mentioned above?

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why not an array like element v[3]? – ipc Jan 2 '13 at 20:25
std::multimap<int, std::tuple<unsigned, std::string, unsigned>> does it – K-ballo Jan 2 '13 at 21:28
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You can use multiset instead of multimap, since key is a part of your class:

class foo {
    friend bool operator < (const foo & l, const foo & r) 
       return l.KEY < r.KEY;

    key  &KEY;
    element 1 v1;
    element 2 v2;
    element 3 v3;

multiset<foo> MySet;

// Assigning values to MySet . . .

// Traversing the elements in the set:
multiset<foo>::iterator  it = MySet.begin();
for(;it != MySet.end() ; it++) {
    cout<< "element 1 = "<<it->v1<< ", element 2 = "<<it->v2<<", element 3 = "<<it->v3<<endl;
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Thanks! it will be a good idea to use multiset here:-) – user1830108 Jan 2 '13 at 21:24

Just store your foo instances in a set or multiset with a comparison operator that only compares by key. Then you can iterate normally to get them in sorted order.

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Multimap is meant to be used when you want to have one key in map pointing to multiple values, all values of the same type.

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Here's an idea:

struct Foo_Values
  element1 e1;
  element2 e2;
  element3 e3;

struct Foo
  : public Foo_Values
  key Key;

typedef std::map<key, Foo_Values> Map_Type;

To insert into the map:

Map_Type my_map;
key some_key;
Foo_Values v;
key k = some_key.Key;
v = static_cast<Foo_Values>(k); // Copy the elements.
my_map[k] = v;
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