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I'm working on an app that needs to be able to handle up to 5 simultaneous touch events (essentially a click with all 5 fingers at once, anywhere on the screen), but I realized that my testing device (HTC Rezound, 4.0.3) can only handle 4 touches at a time.

I know that other android devices can handle at least 5, so is there a permission or something that I can add to my AndroidManifest to make sure that a device can handle 5 touches? The reason for this would be to make sure that certain devices that can't handle the touches won't be allowed to install the app (because obviously it won't work correctly).

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If you go here there is talk of:


which mentions requiring 5 touch points. So I believe you would do this in the manifest:

    android:required="true" />
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Just added the android:required part, which you would want to ensure no one can download the app who cannot use 5 point multitouch. – leenephi Jan 2 '13 at 20:39

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