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I have a Joomla 1.5.26 website in which I publish events and conferences dictated by a company. Those are handled by categories (cities).

Until now, I follow this workflow:

  • Publish the event (by entering a new registry) or duplicating an entry (if apply) with a component called Simple Calendar. It creates in the frontend a page for each event and handle those by categories.

  • Then, because of the customization of my template, I have to publish an article in the front page with all the information of the current events. Double work.

  • Last: Go to a system (based in php and connected to my joomla database) that I created to manage the newsletter. I have to write again all the information of the events in a TinyMCE field and then choose in a select box the group of users, by state (I override the jos_user database and added "State" field. I also override the registration page, so users can select their state of origin).

In that system, I also create a page that let me send a newsletter to all the users in jos_user.

What I need:

I need to simplify this Workflow. I want to continue using a CMS (I'm thinking in Wordpress).

I need to migrate all the users registered in Joomla (with it custom field).

I will like to publish the events one time, and have the possibility to send a newsletter of upcoming events or category upcoming events to a specific group of user or to all of them.

What I have tried:

Wordpress + Event Espresso: this solution didn't work for me, cause' it didn't allow me to handle the newsletter as I need.

What I don't need:

  • A payment system.
  • Attendee Manager.
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You might want to try out this plugin which I have been working for a long time. It's a good plugin to get the work done.

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I have downloaded and tested it. It does the work of publiching events, but don't handle the newsletter system. – atwebceo Jan 5 '13 at 20:20

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