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The main progress is like the following described. Someone opens my site. After that he/she makes ctrl+v and pastes the image but that is irrelevant. Next the jquery is posting the base64_encoded image string to a php file and then there i am using explode to determine the extension and i'm generationg a random name for the image. How could i write a progress bar to this? Thanks for the help anyway.

$("html").pasteImageReader(function(results) {
var dataURL, filename;
filename = results.filename, dataURL = results.dataURL;
$.post("clipboardup.php", { img: dataURL }, function(data) {
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i would like to have an advise how coult i start to make something which would display the progress of the uploading of this base64 encoded string – rsz Jan 2 '13 at 20:47
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There are some ways to provide upload progress monitoring of normal file uploads, such as the HTML5 File API, Flash/Silverlight/etc based upload widgets like Plupload, and the built-in PHP file upload progress mechanism (available in only the latest version or two).

However, none of these are built for normal not-uploading-a-file HTTP POST operations, which is the thing you're doing here. In other words, there is no way to capture the data that you need to be captured.

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