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I want to extract the "Drops: XXXXX" from a text file whose text pattern looks something like this:

Pkts: 215104502  Bytes: 202537648280   Drops: 1302599
Pkts: 55330252  Bytes: 52018951784   Drops: 22086
Pkts: 46226143  Bytes: 42980694784   Drops: 0
Pkts: 52931264  Bytes: 49764764008   Drops: 0
Pkts: 60616843  Bytes: 57773237704   Drops: 1280513
Pkts: 215104502  Bytes: 202537648280   Drops: 1302599.

I am open to any pattern searching methodolofy ( grep,awk,python)


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What have you tried? We are not your code factory –  Andreas Jung Jan 2 '13 at 20:47
grep "^Drops:\t\d" xxx.txt –  learning Jan 2 '13 at 20:59

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With awk you could do:

awk '{ print $5, $6 }' text
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A few minutes of Googling would have found you that you need regular expressions and the ansewr would be something like

re.search(r'(?<=Drops: )\d+', input_string).group(0)
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