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Oh please!!

I have been working with a remote Glassfish 3 with Netbeans 7 for a week.
Suddenly my Glassfish server stopped logging... The logs don't show up anywhere... not in Netbeans not anywhere else!

I friggin uninstalled the server and reinstalled it, but again the same old same old!

Could someone please help me out here...

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Maybe your application is using some kind of Log library to redirect the output to a file, database or similar. Have you tried System.out.println to see if it redirects output to the console? – Anthony Accioly Jan 2 '13 at 21:04
No I didn't... lets see . – Marci-man Jan 2 '13 at 21:07
So, I just printed out a statement inside my Servlet and I found out that it is only printing out in terminal... My server is running remotely on a linux machine. I start my GF server by logging into my server through SSH and start the server... in this terminal window I am seeing my system.out.println... i don't know what it means and how to solve it – Marci-man Jan 2 '13 at 21:12
I have found that in my configuration was showing those values com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.GFFileHandler.logtoConsole <true> com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.SyslogHandler.useSystemLogging <true> but according to docs.oracle.com/cd/E26576_01/doc.312/e24938/… they should be set to asadmin set-log-attributes com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.SyslogHandler.useSystemLogging=false asadmin set-log-attributes com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.GFFileHandler.logtoConsole=false – test30 Jul 18 '13 at 8:20
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Seems like your logger is being redirected somewhere else but the standard server.log file. You can try to deploy a different application and see if it is able to log into server.log.

If it does then your should check your original application for Apache Log4J, Commons Logging or similar libraries configuration files, they may be redirecting your output somewhere else (such as a a file or database).

If it does not then the problem may be your Application Server Logging configuration. Check if the Log is being redirected to server.log, if the log levels are set adequately and if some custom logging.properties file or Log Handler are not killing the log output or redirecting it somewhere else.

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