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Based on Miguel's response to another question (see below) I was able to get a label in my section header. But I'm looking to take it a little further with 3 lines of text. My first thought is instead of creating the header with a single label, is there a way to create it with a uiview where inside that view you can place whatever items you want?

Section headers and footers can either be specified as strings or UIViews, there is sadly, nothing in between.

If you want to have custom headers/views, you would need to create a UILabel and use that in your constructor to the Section type (only available for the Elements API).

Something like:

    var header = new UILabel (new RectangleF (0, 0, 320, 48)){
        Font = UIFont.BoldSystemFontOfSize (22),
        BackgroundColor = UIColor.Red

    new Section(header, footer) {
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Yes, you can.

The parameters to the Section constructor are either two strings of text, or two UIViews. In the sample above you merely created a UIView of type UILabel, but it could be anything you want, with as many subviews as you want or need.

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