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I'm trying to understand why my global variable 'imageUrl' behaves differently inside and outside of the function 'genericOnClick()'

var imageUrl

var id = chrome.contextMenus.create({
    "title": "Add to JC Queue",
    "contexts": ["image"],
    "onclick": genericOnClick

function genericOnClick(info) {
    imageUrl = info.srcUrl;
        url: chrome.extension.getURL('dialog.html'),
        active: false
    }, function (tab) {
        // After the tab has been created, open a window to inject the tab
            tabId: tab.id,
            type: 'popup',
            focused: true


Please let me know where I am going wrong:

  1. Declare imageUrl as a global variable
  2. Declare id as a global variable and run a function OnClick()
  3. Log imageUrl to the console inside the function (it displays fine)
  4. Log imageUrl to the console after the function runs (it is undefined)
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How does it "behave differently"? What does it do "inside" and what does it do "outside"? –  Alex Wayne Jan 2 '13 at 21:22

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When the second console.log is run, the function has not been called, therefore the variable hasn't been assigned anything yet. However, inside the function it has received a value, and that's what you see.

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Well when you log it before the function is called, imageURL is undefined, the log at the end of your code is run before the function is called.

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The last line (console.log(imageUrl);) runs almost immediately after you declare imageUrl without a value, so it is undefined at that point.

Try setting imageUrl to an initial value, and you'll see that that value will get logged.

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