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I'm trying to debug a Linux C++ program under Eclipse CDT. I've set two breakpoints in the source, when I launch the debug session however I see this in the console output:

Cannot insert breakpoint 6. Error accessing memory address 0x25a: Input/output error. Cannot insert breakpoint 7. Error accessing memory address 0x8: Input/output error.

and my breakpoints are never hit. The application does run however. Any ideas on what the I/O errors mean?

TY, Fred

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Any ideas on what the I/O errors mean?

They mean that GDB (used by Eclipse CDT) tried to set breakpoints on address 0x25a and 0x8, and failed (there is no code at either of the above locations).

Why GDB decided to set breakpoints there is impossible to say: you didn't provide any details about how you have set your breakpoints.

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Thanks for the response. I cleared all my breakpoints then set them again (from within CDT) and they worked this time. No explanation for the previous problems. – fred basset Jan 4 '13 at 22:01

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