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In Eclipse Helios I have 3 classes all in the same project which is in the same workspace.

The classes are ("path" and "location" found in properties dialogue of each class)

path: /myproject/src/a/A.java
location: /home/me/dev/myrepo/somefolder/myproject/src/a/A.java

path: /myproject/src/b/R1.java
location: /home/me/dev/myrepo/somefolder/myproject/src/b/R1.java

path: /myproject/src/b/R2.java
location: /home/me/dev/myrepo/somefolder/myproject/src/b/R2.java

A has a method f, which is used by methods in both R1 and R2.

If, with mouse over method f() of A, I do right click -> References -> Workspace (Shift+Ctrl+G) or right click -> References -> Project, it only shows R1 in the results pane.

What could any possible reasons for this be? Are there any configurations I should change? I use grep and I can find both references. Perhaps Eclipse does something ghetto like using grep underneath and doesn't actually analyse the source code?

I already tried refreshing the project (in case you're thinking I edited R2 outside of Eclipse), didn't help.

I can't post the real source because it's super secret. Here is some equivalent source (though the problem didn't happen with these ones):


package a;

public class A {
    public void f() {}


package b;
import a.A;

public class R1 {
    void f() {
        new A().f();


package b;
import a.A;

public class R2 {
    void f() {
        new A().f();
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It is not doing anything "ghetto". Can you post the actual sources for all 3? –  nitind Jan 2 '13 at 22:28
define "ghetto" –  megazord Jan 7 '13 at 15:16
You're the one who used it. If you can't post actual code that shows the problem, it's hard to suggest why it's not working. –  nitind Jan 8 '13 at 18:43
I was hoping this is a common problem and people know common solutions –  megazord Jan 9 '13 at 14:31

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