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Is it possible to use site: and allintitle: in a google search at the same time? I want to find results with various search terms in the Google returned page title but restricted to a specific site. I know how to do either one but not both together and can't find anything at all looking online? All help shows you is how to do each separately.

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No - the allintitle operator can not be used with other operators. You can use multiple intitle operators instead.

For more on google searching: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_hacking

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although allintitle:, allinurl, allintext:, & allinanchor: are exclusive, you can use multiple intitle: & site: filters in the same query to achieve almost the same result as combining them with other filters, e.g.,

  • intitle:(dog house) (site:cnn.com | site:*.gov)
  • intitle:((cat | dog*) AROUND() people) (site:cnn.com | site:*.gov)
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