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We develop Turkish applications with Delphi. It uses CharUpperBuff in RTL code and the Turkish uppercase process does not work correctly. Can you provide an example using the LCMapString function for Turkish?

"Remarks Note that CharUpperBuff always maps lowercase I ("i") to uppercase I, even when the current language is Turkish or Azeri. If you need a function that is linguistically sensitive in this respect, call LCMapString."


The link below shows a patch for visual studio. Does it do the same thing as user32.dll?

Postgres upper function on turkish character does not return expected result

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Are you having difficulty using LCMapString? or is it something else? –  Sertac Akyuz Jan 2 '13 at 23:11
As i know most compilers uses system functions to handle national characters (such as sorting, uppercase, lowercase etc). So if your or yours OS does not support national character - you must 1) Configure your OS to support it 2) Or use third-party library to handle national strings As i remember, Delphi supports UTF8 strings, so, try use them. –  Abelisto Jan 3 '13 at 0:52

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