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I have a problem regarding with unix kernel compilation . We are designing a scheduling algorithm for processses. We have changed the contents of fork.c ,sched.c . However , while fork.c is being updated after kernel compilation , sched.c remains unchanged . I have searched about this kind of problem over the web but I couldn't find a solution . I will be very happy if any of you have an idea in this subject .

Thank you !

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sched.o: sched.c # maybe a typo in the question ? –  wildplasser Jan 2 '13 at 22:52
i don't take any errors about typing .. –  asdfg Jan 2 '13 at 23:04

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Assuming that you use make for building your kernel:

make may skip making of a target if timestamps of dependencies are older than the existing target file.

If you edit some source file, and make does not recompile it to a new object file, You should check clocks of your hosts and make clean for removing files that may have future timestamps.

In you case, You expect that sched.c is changed during compilation of the kernel, right?. This is quite uncommon, because usually sources are untouched and object files are changed. Maybe that causes some strange circular depedency that prevents the wanted action:

sched.c : sched.c
        command_to_edit -i sched.c -o sched.c

Maybe make does not build sched.c, because timestamp of target (sched.c) is same as timestamp of dependencies (sched.c).

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thank you for your answer , we overcame this problem but we have a new problem right now , when we start our new scheduling algorithm the computer is freezing ? does it take so long time to pass another scheduling algorithm ? –  asdfg Jan 6 '13 at 13:39

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