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I've developed some network code on OS/X, and I'm getting bit by the renamed fields in struct tcphdr. I'm getting a bunch of errors of the form: "dpkt.c:597:36: error: ‘struct tcphdr’ has no member named ‘th_sport’ ". I've tried #define __FAVOR_BSD 1 and #define _BSD_SOURCE 1, without success.

The command line is:

$ g++ -o dpkt -g  dpkt.c -lpcap

No change when I try

$ g++ -o dpkt -g  -D_BSD_SOURCE=1 dpkt.c -lpcap


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In which order did you try the defines? and also, you don't need to #define them to 1, you can just do #define _BSD_SOURCE –  favoretti Jan 3 '13 at 0:39
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In this particular case, order of defines matters. Not sure whether you are aware of that or not, but try adding

#define _BSD_SOURCE
#define __FAVOR_BSD

In that particular order somewhere in the beginning of your file.

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