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I want to generically access the old attributes that have changed in a model - that is, I want to get a hash of the old attributes values. My code is interested in all attributes that have changed, which may be a different set each time it's run.

I know you can get an array of changed attribute names with


and I know you can do


to get the old value of an attribute if you know the name, but I can't find a way to programatically combine the two or to otherwise get the set of old values

I'm using it to create news stories about objects, eg

User 'Bob' changed x from a to b

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You can use the attributes hash to generate this array:

old = model.changed.map{|attr| model.send("#{attr}_was".to_sym) }
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Thanks Matzi, and for those reading who want to turn that into a hash of changed values: old = Hash[model.changed.zip].inject({}) {|h, (k,v)| h[k] = model.send("#{k}_was".to_sym); h } –  ChristopherJ Jan 3 '13 at 0:50

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