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have a great 2013. I am getting my hands wet on my first PS Script and I am stuck on a very common error, the "Unexpected Token" error. I've searched the internet, but could not find an answer, so please help me out.

    If ($_.Voorvoegsel.Trim() -ieq "") {
        $dn = $_.Voornaam.Trim() + " " 
        $dn += $_.Achternaam.Trim()
        $email = $_.Voornaam.substring(0,1).ToLower() + "."
        $email+= $_.Achternaam.Trim().ToLower() + "@test.nl
    } Else {
        $dn = $_.Voornaam.Trim() + " "
        $dn += $_.Voorvoegsel.Trim() + " "
        $dn += $_.Achternaam.Trim() 
        $email = $_.Voornaam.substring(0,1).ToLower() + "."
        $email += $_.Voorvoegsel.Replace(" ","").ToLower()
        $email += $_.Achternaam.Trim().ToLower() + "@test.nl

The strange thing is that it errors on the $_.Voorvoegsel variable in the else statement:

Unexpected token ' $dn += $.Voorvoegsel.Trim() $dn += ' in expression or statement. At C:\Users\Public\Documents\PSImportTest.ps1:42 char:12 + $dn = $ <<<< .Voornaam.Trim() + " " + CategoryInfo : ParserError: ( $dn += $_....m() $dn += :String) [], ParseException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnexpectedToken

Anyone out there who sees what my blind spot is here?

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It may be that you are missing an end quote on line 5:

$email += $_.Acternaam.Trim().ToLower() + "@test.nl"

It looks like you also may be missing one on line 12. Powershell may think the rest of the code, until the next quote character, is part of your string literal.

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Thanks! Somehow I kept looking over this. –  Martijn Burger Jan 3 '13 at 7:06
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