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I found this lib here

hacked on this example here:

It works pretty well actually but I am wondering if one could rig up a message thats an image that would show up in the others (google talk client) or some other client for display? I poked around on the web, couldn't figure out definitively if this is possible...their site says the api supports XML-RPC, could that do it?

Just want to know im not going down a dead end for this functionality...if XMPP jabber even supports it.

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This library seems not to support XEP 0231, the specification that "defines an XMPP protocol extension for including or referring to small bits of binary data in an XML stanza."

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ahh okay XEP 0231 is what I am looking for then, thanks! – Codejoy Jan 3 '13 at 20:59

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