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I'm working on new web application contains such as library

  1. books
  2. pictures
  3. files

every kind of the past kinds of sections has different properties in database and i cant store them information inside one data table, so i need to create 3 different tables.

Visitors can comment on books, files and pictures and i want to develop one module for comment and store all comments inside one table, lets call it (comments)

my question is, what the strategy i have to follow to make this done?

I am thinking about create reference column [reference_id] [nvarchar 50] and i will store the comments like this

  1. files_{id of file}
  2. pictures_{id of picture} and so on... is that would be great method??


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is that's mean to create one to one relation with item_id and dataItem_id as example ? create table for comments comment_id, item_id – M.Nour Berro Jan 3 '13 at 0:12
I'll write an answer below. – Bill Karwin Jan 3 '13 at 0:16
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I answered a very similar question: In a StackOverflow clone, what relationship should a Comments table have to Questions and Answers?

In your case, I would recommend creating a single table Commentables:

CREATE TABLE Commentables (
  item_type CHAR(1) NOT NULL,
  UNIQUE KEY (item_id, item_type)

Then each of Books, Pictures, Files has a 1:1 relationship to Commentables.

  book_id INT PRIMARY KEY, -- but not auto-increment
  item_type CHAR(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'B',
  FOREIGN KEY (book_id, item_type) REFERENCES Commentables(item_id, item_type)

Do the same for Pictures and Files. The item_type should always be 'B' for books, always 'P' for pictures, always 'F' for files. Therefore you can't have a book and a picture reference the same row in Commentables.

Then your comments can reference one table, Commentables:

  item_id INT NOT NULL,
  FOREIGN KEY (item_id) REFERENCES Commentables (item_id)
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You should use separate ItemId and ItemType.

Additionally you can create table with ItemTypes and store ItemId and ItemTypeId.

Structure like this: pictures_{id of picture} will waste a lot of space and will not help in performance or later code development.

Example: how you cut item type from something like this:


You have to search for "_", convert truncated text to number, and write a lot of SQL code...

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