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On my client's Fanpage, a third party app is running for a contest. How can I make this FB contest page available on mobile? I read the answer here:



Facebook SDK : Page Tab App returns not found in mobile Facebook App

I do not understand it clearly.

Is the query parameter ?ref-ts which we have to add at the end of URL?

What does it mean by "It helps in the browser but not the app itself."?

Will it help to see the App on mobile and click on it to go to the contest page on FB?

Also, I found this answer:

Works as advertised! Thank you. I was getting 404, but simply adding ref=ts in my redirect URLs (I force users to use my app as a page tab) fixed it! – Guillaume Boudreau

under the first link above but what is forcing users to use app as a page tab?

How can I set App as a page tab?

little bit confused.

I searched the web vigorously but did not get any clear explanation.

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My observations about this issue:

  • Seems like it's an ANDROID issue, Work OK on iPhone's
  • Work with the link redirection services like Bit.ly (where the bit.ly link included the ref=ts)

I sent an email to Facebook for ANDROID developers.


my iPhone's user colleagues can open links to page tab app with ref=ts parameters but on Android we can't ;-(

The only way we've been able to do it is when the link to the app is under a bit.ly redirection link

The problem is only when the links are open through the Facebook App.


Let us know


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You can access to your app using the next link https://apps.facebook.com/YOUR-APP-ID

In this way, you can access from a desktop or a mobile with no problem.

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This only works for canvas apps. The issue still persists with page_tab apps. – Dante Cullari Mar 24 '15 at 8:58

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