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I'm having a bit of trouble getting my latest project registered with PyPI, and I'm hoping one of you guys can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

My directory is structured as follows:

|-- README.md
|-- setup.py
|-- manifest.in
|-- scrappy
|   |-- __init__.py
|   |-- core.py
|   |-- formatters.py
|   |-- docopty.py
|   |-- gui.py
|   |-- scrappy.py
|   |-- scrappy.conf

My manifest.in file is structured as follows:

include README.md
include scrappy/scrappy.conf

and my setup.py file is structured as follows:

from setuptools import setup

    version='0.2.1 alpha',
    author='Blz McBlz',
    install_requires=['guessit', 'tvdb_api', 'ez_setup', 'titlecase', 'hachoir-metadata'],
    license='GPL 3.0',
    description='Rename video files based on information scraped from thetvdb.com',
    keywords=["TVDB", "thetvdb", "rename", "broadcatching", "media"],

A full traceback can be found here

I tried loading README.md in a python shell via lines = open('README.md').read(). No error was raised and the text was indeed in the lines variable as expected.

EDIT: here is the README.md file in question.

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Even though it is very long, it is still preferred to include the full traceback in your question text. –  IfLoop Jan 3 '13 at 6:23
the line mentioned in the traceback is not neccesarily to blame; it will normally be the last line of a multiline statement, which in this case is the function call to setuptools.setup(). On the other hand, it looks like its dying on some restructured text processing; are you using restructured text in your documentation? –  IfLoop Jan 3 '13 at 6:25
@TokenMacGuy, I'm afraid I don't know what restructured text is. I'm adding a link to the README.md file... maybe you can tell me if I'm using restructured text? =D –  blz Jan 3 '13 at 14:56
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The issue is that setuptools requires reStructuredText and not markdown syntax in the long_description field.

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Here is a recipe on using markdown in pypi packages. –  mike_k Jul 6 at 11:07
@mike_k, Thank you! –  blz Jul 6 at 12:59
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