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Currently I have 2 images with the same size and I would like to equally let them share the screen. The img a on left handside and img b at right. The problem is if I set it as class, the two images is overlapped even I use inline - block. The restriction is I can not use relative. Therefore, is there any way to achieve this? Do I need to set a id for each image to do this? Thanks

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or I need to use div to divde them instead of image? – user782104 Jan 3 '13 at 2:54
Did you try using float: left property? It will push the second image to the right of the first image. – trollster Jan 3 '13 at 2:57
your problem is the position:absolute – Matt Whipple Jan 3 '13 at 3:14
Is seems nothing has changed... and currently the img b is on top of img a – user782104 Jan 3 '13 at 3:15
but When I change to relative, I can not print it.. – user782104 Jan 3 '13 at 3:16
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Are you trying to make it that their width shares 50% of the viewport, and height is 100% of the viewport? That can be achieved this way:


<img src="source.html" />
<img src="source.html" />


html, body {
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

img {
    ​width: 50%;
    height: 100%;
    float: left;

JS Fiddle Example

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thanks, but when I print the webpage, I use relative it does not have any thing display – user782104 Jan 3 '13 at 3:20
What do you mean "use relative"? – JSW189 Jan 3 '13 at 3:35
set position : relative for img class – user782104 Jan 3 '13 at 3:37
Why are you setting position:relative? With this approach you do not need to use that – JSW189 Jan 3 '13 at 3:39

Here is a sample code I have tried.

<div id="container">
    <img src="http://www.rational-animal.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Facebook-logo-small-300x300.png" height="100" width="100" />
    <img src="http://www.rational-animal.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Facebook-logo-small-300x300.png" height="100" width="100" />

And this will be the CSS

img {
    width: 50%;
    height: 100%;
    float: left;
    display: inline-block

enter image description here

The above result. Is that what you are looking for?

PS: Your images are getting overlapped because of absolute positioning.

Hope this helps.

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jsfiddle.net/NRKgR Working fiddle – trollster Jan 3 '13 at 3:15
thanks, but when I print the webpage, I use relative it does not have any thing display – user782104 Jan 3 '13 at 3:19
What exactly are you trying to do? – trollster Jan 3 '13 at 3:27
divide the screen with two image, and print them – user782104 Jan 3 '13 at 3:30
That's what JSW189 did for you right? – trollster Jan 3 '13 at 3:32

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