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I have a page where the admin can see all the members who are registered, that means their information are stored in the database. It is in tabular form with Update links displayed beside each name which redirects to my update.php page with forms. After I click the Update link, I am redirected to my update.php and the URL displays the user id which I need to update :clinic/update.php?res_id=3

Now, I have a form in my update.php and I need to get that res_id=3 displayed in the URL to also be included in my MySQL INSERT STATEMENT in my action script which is add_assessment.php. I have tried using $ID=$_GET['res_id'] and $ID=$_POST['res_id'] but none of which is working. Can anybody please tell me what line of code do I have to use? Thanks

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what have you tried can you show code to us ? –  NullPoiиteя Jan 3 '13 at 3:41

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You are not passing the value to the form so the $_POST or $_GET values on update.php will not be available to add_assessment.php.

In clinic/update.php?res_id=3 output $_GET['res_id'] as the value in a hidden form field like so:

<input type='hidden' name='res_id' value='<?php echo htmlspecialshars($_GET['res_id']); ?>' /> 

Then access it in add_assessment.php with $_POST['res_id']


Append it to the action='add_assessment.php' in the form like so:

<form action='add_assessment.php?res_id=<?php echo htmlspecialshars($_GET['res_id']); ?>' method='post'> 

Then access it in add_assessment.php with $_GET['res_id']

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Without having any of your code to go by, I can only suggest stepping through your workflow and using var_dump on both $_GET and $_POST and making sure that the res_id is being passed from page to page.

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